Veronica Liu, founder of WordUp! Books, knows how to throw a good meeting at her place in the Heights. She also has the best snacks. But what happens when she's not around and you only have a couple of bucks? With the help of your trusty and somewhat cynical pigeon guide, "Eat! Cheap! Now!" attempts to answer that question.

When Starbucks came to 181, one neighborhood cohort was thrilled that "great coffee" finally came to the Heights. But the Heights has always had great coffee—better coffee without the preciousness, sterility and matching price tag—and many more affordable options. "Eat! Cheap! Now!" from a few years back was my attempt to set the record straight for the gentry, but until now, no one but Vern has seen it.

With all of the recent real estate hikes these last few years I no longer know which cheap eats places have survived. I hope most of them have. It's sure getting harder to get anything for a buck.